Signature Blend

by C&P roasters

A blend of carefully selected fair-trade beans from Ethiopia and Guatemala – roasted to medium roast, with a silky mouthfeel – with notes of chocolate and citrus and bright acidity.
Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is renowned for its unique flavour profile, which is shaped by the region’s distinct growing conditions and processing methods.

A Speciality Signature Blend Premium Roasted,
Created by C&P Roasters Mossel Bay

Roast Time: 12 Minutes
Roast Development: Post Roast Blend
Bean Variety

Here are some typical flavour notes and characteristics associated with this blend.

Clean Finish

Clean, lingering finish, where the flavours persist on the palate even after you’ve taken a sip.


This blend exhibits floral notes, with hints of jasmine, lavender, or rose petals. This floral quality is a hallmark of Ethiopian coffee & adds a delightful aromatic dimension to the cup.


You may detect bright and lively citrus notes like lemon, lime, or bergamot. These citrusy undertones provide a refreshing & zesty quality to the coffee.


This blend showcases fruity notes reminiscent of berries, particularly blueberries, strawberries, or blackberries. These fruity flavours can be quite pronounced & contribute to the coffee’s complexity.

Bright Acidity

Sidamo coffee beans are known for their bright & lively acidity, which adds a pleasant tanginess to the brew. This acidity helps balance the sweet & fruity flavours.

Medium Body

Ethiopia Sidamo coffee typically has a medium body, which means it balances the lightness of a tea-like brew & the heaviness of a full-bodied coffee.


Overall, Ethiopia Sidamo coffee is known for its complexity. It often offers a medley of flavours that can evolve as the coffee cools, making it an intriguing & dynamic coffee experience.


The high-altitude regions often above 1,500 meters (5,000 feet), contribute to the coffee’s unique flavour profile. The cooler temperatures & slower cherry ripening at higher altitudes are believed to be responsible for the distinct characteristics of Sidamo coffee.


This blend features rich & pronounced chocolate notes, including dark chocolate, cocoa, & even milk chocolate. This contributes to a delightful sweetness in the cup.


You might detect nutty undertones, such as almond or hazelnut, which add a creamy & nutty dimension to the coffee’s flavour profile.


Caramel & toffee-like sweetness are prevalent in this blend, offering a smooth & mellow sweetness that balances the acidity & bitterness.

Balanced Acidity

Guatemalan coffees typically have a well-balanced acidity that isn’t overly bright or citrusy but provides a pleasant, crisp quality to the coffee.

Medium to Full Body

Most Guatemalan coffees have a medium to full body, which gives them a satisfying mouthfeel. This attribute contributes to the coffee’s overall richness.

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